Internet Bingo

Internet bingo takes kids on an electronic scavenger hunt. This rainy day activity for kids lets kids use their search skills to find words. Internet bingo definitely spells f-u-n.

Play bingo while surfing the Internet.

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Play bingo while surfing the Internet.

What You’ll Need:

  • Blank paper
  • Computer with Internet connection and web browser

You’ll need adult permission for this activity.

Step 1: Spell out the word INTERNET on a sheet of notebook paper.

Step 2: Go to your favorite search engine and type in whatever word comes to mind. It could be "dog" or "kite" or "video game."

Step 3: Spend the next hour searching for subject links that start with each letter in the word "Internet."

Step 4: E-mail a friend with the great new cyber stops you find along the way.

(Remember, never give out your name, age, address, or e-mail address to any strangers you meet on the Internet without your parents’ permission.)

Make a colorful display on a bulletin board in the activity on the next page.